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Happy Customers

Read comments from some of my clients' experiences:

"Niki gives the most amazing massages I've ever had. I have a regular back, neck and shoulder massage which I started having to relieve pain and stiffness from too much computer work. They really help with that, and are also just amazingly relaxing and restorative and make me feel wonderful; definitely worth every penny :) She always asks specifically what I need from each massage and tailors the oils she uses to what I need that day; sometimes its to be relaxed, sometimes to be uplifted. Whatever it is, I come out smelling as well as feeling wonderful. I really can't recommend the Little Massage Clinic highly enough." Antonia Pickup, Porthtowan


I see Nicolle once a month (family life and work willing), for a luxury Hopi ear candle treatment. Nicolle is absolutely fantastic always makes you feel welcome when you are there and always leave feeling totally relaxed.
Nicolle is very thorough and asks questions to establish which oils would be best for each individual session (I like all of them), and is extremely knowledgeable, I can't recommend her enough." Kelly Louise Buckley



"You were very instrumental in helping to alleviate the pain I was suffering and also gave some good advice on how to help keep the problem from recurring.
I can’t recommend Nicolle highly enough, she has been very professional throughout my treatment. She has given plenty of informed helpful advice. The physical treatment that I have received has been extremely beneficial for me to the point that a very painful back problem that I had has completely gone."
I M Cann, Redruth


'Just wanted to say thank you again for the lovely shoulder was feeling tons better the next day! Have just done two thirteen hour days at the hospital without any pain so thank you! I am looking into a pilates class too!'
L Berryman, Camborne


"I have been a client of Nicolle's for over 4 years, finding her initially at a "taster" session about alternative health therapies. My treatments in that time have been mainly taking care of my back, neck and shoulders; which my job put's a heavy
demand on! However, Nicolle doesn't just treat the physical body she treats the spirit and soul too. Her treatment area is always relaxing and she takes time to listen. Nicolle has given me very helpful advice on all manner of things, and always in a very
professional and friendly way. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her profession, and I was so pleased for her when that was rewarded this year with her national Award for Exellence - she deserves it." M. Brown, Redruth


"I went to see Nicolle with a tense back. I was physically strained from the type of work I do as well as tense from the amount of stress I often carry. We started the session with a
chat about me, my body and my lifestyle. I received a most invigorating/releasing massage that left me feeling so relaxed and smelling amazing I went to bed the minute I got home. I left
Nicolle's clinic feeling more comfortable physically as well more insightful into how my everyday life has an impact on my physical well being. I immediately threw out my flip flops! Nicolle's
demonstration of how to lie on one's side correctly has been digested and the pillows have been adjusted! Since my visit with Nicolle I feel more empowered on how to work better with my body
to release the strains of the everyday."


For at least ten years, Nicolle's gentle ministrations have kept my back,neck,shoulders and hands in good working order - essential for me as my work restoring furniture involves much lifting and polishing. By having regular massage, stresses and strains do not build up, so no more tension headaches or backache. Nicolle's sensitive choice of oils each time helps enormously with my emotional wellbeing too; calming me at times of great stress, boosting energy levels when
needed and often my confidence level too. The calm,professional but friendly atmosphere is most welcoming and I would recommend anyone to trust themselves to The Little Massage Clinic
Miss L, Truro


At my first session, I appreciated Nicolle taking a full history including my lifestyle and anything which was troubling me physically and mentally. I really felt that my treatment was tailored to my needs, and came out feeling more relaxed than I had done in a long time. Nicolle checks how I am doing at the start of every session, so she can make sure each treatment is appropriate for me at the time. It is a collaborative and fully holistic way of working which really pays dividends. The full-body massage wakes up muscles which don’t get worked in day-to-day life, meaning I come out of each session much more aware of my own body, and more comfortable in my own skin.
Harry Perrin, Truro


Regular treatments with Nicolle have really helped me to deal with the physical side effects of too much stress, which left my shoulders and neck permanently tight and tense. After having suffered with shoulder pain for several years it is such a relief to be able to control the symptoms, which in turn has helped me to deal better with my stress levels. Nicolle is a very intuitive therapist, and is able to hone in on the areas of my body that need most attention, smoothing away the knots and tightness and
leaving me feeling revitalised and reenergised.
Clare, Redruth


'There's a magical experience that isn't to be missed
A visit to Nicolle, a fine aromatherapist,
She's also good at massage and laying on of hands,
She isn't very tall, but she knows just where she stands.

Well trained and fully qualified,
But it doesn't finish there,
The quality that can't be taught is Tender Loving Care.

Should Nicolle have been a doctor?, Well i'm happy that she's not,
Life'n'Limb's her slogan, It really says a lot,
Balancing concern for our minds and bodies ills,
Her effleurage is better than a doctors boring pills.

Thankyou dear Nicolle, for what you do for us,
You do it very kindly and you do it without fuss.'

With best wishes from one of your grateful patients.
G Hudd



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