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Story Massage

Story Massage is a wonderful way to engage in touch, learning or therapy in a safe and creative way.

All ages and abilities can enjoy story massage.


-Story Massage can be playful, fun and light-hearted.

-Story Massage can be used to help embed learning and cover curriculum based topics.

-Story Massage can be used to explore social issues through social stories and cover a wide range of topics to help children and older people resolve challenges in their lives.

-Story Massage can help people with Dementia, people on the Autistic Spectrum or people with Learning Difficulties engage meaningfully and safely. It can also help ground people into the moment or season or help reminiscence.

Story Massage can be used on a 1-1 basis or in groups:

* 1-1in clinic or in your own home (children must be accompanied by a safe adult)

* In schools to encourage healthy interaction, learning and deal with issues to reduce bullying etc

* Small group or family coaching to use massage to address problems like sleep, behaviour, anxieties

* To help families, foster carers and adoptive parents with attachment issues

* In workshops to facilitate healthy body and personal space awareness with children, young people and adults

* In hospices, hospitals, care homes and other care establishments

Benefits of Story Massage:

* Makes time to play, connect and calm in families and social groups

* Makes time to develop a person’s imagination

* Provides other mediums through which to communicate other than verbally

* Help heal attachment issues

* Provide a safe space to touch with permission and healthy boundaries

* Encourage healthy personal space awareness

* Increase awareness of how actions and emotions can influence people around them

* Help embed learning of topics, curriculum based, social, emotional or otherwise

* Help reduce bullying, hyperactivity and aggression

* Raise empathy between people, especially children

* Help improve self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence though individual attention

* Improve learning ability, attentiveness and focus through relaxation even after massage has ended - Improve vocabulary and understand emotional language

* Help children and adults find healthy ways to control physical contact towards them

* It is an inclusive activity and can be adjusted to include people with sensory or touch issues.

For example a child who finds touch difficult can observe, or “air massage” the movements and still listen to the story.

* Combat stress induced hormones helping calm children and adults

* Reduce anxiety and healthily channel worries

* Help a child or adult come to terms with difficult situations

* Enhancing production of feel-good hormones such as Oxytocin

* Learning a useful life enhancing skill

* Does not need removal of clothes or any oil/lotion

There are some great resources to support you if you wish to embrace Story Massage:

My own Story Massages you can use

Established pioneers of Story Massage Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper supply their own brand of goodness including:

-“Once upon a touch” Story Massage Book with easy to follow stories and rhymes

-Stickers to turn your favourite stories into Story Massages (The Gruffalo and Hungry Caterpillar lend themselves well to this creativity)

-A DVD which introduces Story Massage and gives demonstrations.

-Wall charts to help facilitate Story Massage workshops

Sandra and Mary provide training to enable you to become a Story Massage instructor within your community which is an inspiring springboard into endless possibilities of fun, therapy and learning.


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Story Massage:
Positive touch & storytelling to calm, learn & connect
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