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Natural Lift Face Massage - £45

Natural Lift Facial Massage (NLFM) is a safe, non- invasive, way of bringing about deep relaxation, which can help take years off you. It combines ancient techniques from Japanese & Indian Face Massage, as well as acupressure & Ayurvedic facial reflexology.

Also known as "natural facelift" or "facial rejuvenation", this extra-ordinary treatment has many benefits to help you look & feel younger.

NLFM helps to release deep rooted tension brought about by daily stresses like sitting in front of a computer, a busy lifestyle, harsh toiletries & beauty products, or holding onto negative emotions. Relaxed & hydrated muscles glide more smoothly, resulting in less puffiness around the eyes, & increased skin elasticity.

Other benefits of NLFM may include:

• improved skin suppleness
• reduced muscle tension in jaw, neck & face
reduced lines & wrinkles
• reduced stress symptoms like insomnia, headaches & eye strain
• toned skin & muscles
• stimulated healthy skin reproduction
• removal of dead skin cells, allowing your smoothened skin to glow
• better circulation to aid better nourishment & hydration of your skin as well as removal of toxins which can impair its appearance
• a youthful, fresh & vibrant appearance
• enhanced mental & physical relaxation

~making you feel amazing!

Although one treatment may induce incredible results that last for days, it is useful to know that a series of weekly treatments is recommended.

One treatment will begin to reduce wrinkles, habitual expression lines, & facial tightness, as well as improve skin tone, but regular sessions tend to have a more positive cumulative effect.

Furthermore, our lifestyles often undo the work of a good therapist. This is why Nicolle takes a full consultation, & works with you to agree some recommended lifestyle changes that will mean you will be supporting the treatment plan daily from the inside.

After all attractiveness is all about revealing the healthy innate beauty within.

Nicolle's consultation helps to establish your skin type so a blend of oils can be prescribed to further add to the holistic results.

So how does it work?
Nicolle systematically works on areas of the face, neck & scalp to release deep rooted muscle tension.

Expert sweeping & invigorating massage improves circulation, helping eliminate toxins which can often contribute to dull, saggy, puffy, grey & tired skin.

Elle Magazine stated that "it looks like well applied botox." (April 2009).

But Nicolle uses NO needles, NO botox, just expert, loving hands.



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